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Peace River Preserve - The Plan

Conservation / Preserve

Turkeys roaming Peace River Preserve in DeSoto County FloridaWith very little effort, our property on Peace River could be used as a conservation/preserve, which would create a profit in the form of Tax Savings (conservancy), Wetland Mitigation Bank, Upland Habitat Preservation, Water Quality Mitigation, and University studies. We believe a blend of conservation and development could also be used to maximize the return by realizing the synergy between a conservation & development. With a majority of the property dedicated to preservation, the select home sites would enjoy the natural beauty that would be guaranteed not to be lost to future development. Passive trail systems could be woven into the habitat to create a seamless integration of human usage and natural conservation. This in turn would command a premium for these limited home sites.

After the conservation easement is in place and a new site plan is platted and permitted, it is possible to transfer and sell the balance of unused density units at the market rate to further increase the property’s return. This site is also ideal to accept endangered species on almost every acre of undeveloped land due to its unique combination of terra forma including land, river, and forested wetlands.

Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation at Peace River Preserve in DeSoto County Florida Wetland mitigation banking is another highly profitable attribute for this property. The Department of Transportation, other state agencies and private developers actively look for forested wetlands to purchase banking units to offset their impacts to the environment. This recent trend and relative limited supply of banks has made Forested Wetland Mitigation a very lucrative commodity. As shown on the FLUCFCS Map [Appendix B], there are almost 1,029 acres of Forested Wetland, 72 acres of Herbaceous Wetland and 1,056 acres for Upland Preservation.rial sites, religious facilities and stadiums.

Deer Bucks at Peace River Preserve in DeSota County FloridaAs the market begins to rebound, Wetland Mitigation Banking, as well as Endangered Species Banking and Water Quality Banking, will be in high demand. It is important to note that in an eco-friendly Florida, development cannot move much past the conception phase without addressing these sensitive environmental issues. The Peace River Preserve will be ready to absorb that need. Also, because the Department of Transportation is in the process of expanding one of Florida’s major highways, there is an instant need for these environmental safe havens to sustain the project until the resurgence of the market and development.
Peace River at Peace River Preserve Arcadia Florida River
Conversation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida

Mitigation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida