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Peace River Preserve - The Property

  Property Summary
 Total Acreage
+/- 2040 AC*
 Density Units (Lots)
 River Frontage
 25,460 ft or 4.8 miles on both sides
 Forested Wetlands Acres
 Herbaceous Wetlands Acres
 Habitat Preservation Acres
 Location  27º 11'14.01"N  81º 53'28.11" W

*Per November 2008 Survey

Interactive Map
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Peace River Preserve straddles the Peace River for almost 10 miles of river frontage. Although the suggested use is a conservation/habitat preserve, the site is also well situated to support development, which may make the site ideal for a blend of both conservation and development. The property is located within minutes of Arcadia and a short drive to the West Coast of Florida. The property has minor improvements in the form of crude roads and is otherwise left in its natural state. The site has been vested for 892 Units which is currently comprised, as shown in the FLUCFCS map [Appendix B], of improved pasture, Live oak (non-hydric), River, and Mixed Hard Wood Wet Land. [Appendix C] Plat.  


This investment includes 2,208 AC along the Peace River just Southwest of Arcadia in Desoto County, Southwest Florida. The property is located just 25 minutes from I-75. A portion of the property adjoins the city limits of Arcadia. There are 2,000 feet of frontage on U.S. Highway 17 plus additional access points. Aerial view [Appendix A]

Peace River at Peace River Preserve Desoto County Arcadia Florida

Peace River at Peace River Preserve Arcadia Florida River
Conversation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida

Mitigation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida