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Welcome to Peace River Preserve

Peace River Preserve is a 2040+/- acre property in Southwest Florida.  Located in DeSoto County, its northern border abuts the County seat of Arcadia. The Peace River, flowing south to Charlotte Harbor, bisects the property and provides a total of approximately nine (9) miles of river frontage. The western portion of the property was platted into a subdivision and recorded in Public Records Oct.16th,1969 and the property retains 892 vested units available for development! 

In 2010 FEMA designated approximately 70% of this property to be in a Federal Flow Way, almost all of the Western Portion; however, the Eastern side of the River has considerable acreage unencumbered by the Flow Way.  The Trustees of the Property are presently in the process of amending the Property's Land Use and Zoning to a PUD to allow a wide variety of uses to include motor coach home (RV) development, commercial uses and individual home sites.  Clustering development on the East Side of the River will allow the entire West Side to be used as an amenity!  Additionally the West side has tremendous potential as a Mitigation Bank as it is composed of mostly Hardwood Wetlands which are very desirable!  The possibilities for use on the West Side are endless!  Eco-tours, primitive camping, four-wheeling, moto-cross, canoeing
kayaking, fishing and more!  It should also be noted that a Conservation Easement could be placed on the West Side to recover a portion of the Purchase Price of the entire Property!

Price $14,900,000

Departing from the traditional build approach, we believe there is a more profitable use for the property due to its unique location and intrinsic qualities. Such value-adding potential lies in the property’s suitability for conservancy, mitigation banks, habitat preservation, water quality mitigation, and university studies. Details will be provided later in this memorandum as to the estimated value and suggestions for each of the optional uses of the land. It is also possible by blending development with conservancy to tailor fit the investment to your specific needs as well as market conditions.

This property is well positioned to take advantage of the generous Federal Conservation terms recently increased for 2008 and 2009 which generates a large tax shelter for up to 16 years, while creating an income stream with little remediation to the site.  
Peace River at Peace River Preserve Arcadia Florida River
 Conversation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida

 Mitigation at Peace River Preserve in Arcadia, Florida